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CertificaISO 9001 certification, issued by Bureau Veritas, since 1999


ISO 9001 is the international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”) in the organizations. It is part of the regulation published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

ISO 9001’s objective is providing a set of requirements that, when implemented, give more confidence that a company is capable of providing products and services that:

  • Meet the clients’ needs and expectations; and
  • Are in compliance with applicable law and regulations.

With the implementation of these requirements, the company can achieve the Quality Certificate issued by the certification body.

GSL Metalúrgica, in accord with its philosophy of always improve processes and services, implemented the requirements for ISO 9001, that attest and certify the quality in its Management System.

All the stakeholders – clients, employees, suppliers – are benefited by this standardization, considering all processes become more organized, productive and, with that, GSL becomes more competitive in national and international markets.

The credibility of companies that embrace ISO, like GSL Metalúrgica, is given because organizational processes are frequently audited, assuring the continuation of quality in its processes.

This is another practice of GSL Metalúrgica regarding Quality Policy, a commitment assumed and signed by the company’s directors.

Therefore, all the employees at GSL Metalúrgica are committed to being involved with the company, assuring that procedures developed for each task are being completed, in concordance with the politics to achieve the objectives.


GSL Metalúrgica S/A is certified by BUREAU VERITAS BRASIL – BV, with NBR ISO 9001 and keeps its processes in continuous improvement.


GSL Metalúrgica, metallic structures manufacturer for transmission lines and power substations in medium and high voltage, and also a galvanization service provider, embraces the quality management values to satisfy the stakeholders, in order to provide appropriate products and services.

Quality Management System, with practices of planning, execution and control over the manufacturing processes, provides quality acknowledge by the market.

For the management policy to be attained it is necessary that all employees follow these guidelines:

  • Meet clients’ needs to strengthen partnership
  • Be fast and flexible in actions
  • Make decisions based in information
  • Plan and control process meeting the applicable requirements
  • Maintain quality and productivity of products and services
  • Strengthen partnership with main suppliers
  • Know how to well use the available physical spaces
  • Keep raw material appropriate to the production’s needs

The practice of these guidelines provide continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.


GSL, manufacturer of metallic structures for power transmission lines and galvanizing services, practices the principles of environmental management and occupational health and safety.

For these principles it is necessary that everyone commits to:


  • Comply with governmental laws so that labour proceeds in a safe and environmentally correct way;
  • Avoid pollution through operational controls;
  • Control activities to mitigate dangers and risks to health and labour safety;
  • Provide safe labouring conditions preventing injuries and occupational illnesses;
  • Investigate incidents with the participation of the CIPA
  • Seek to increasingly improve environmental and occupational health and safety practices.


of products are tested

years of activities


claim rate


Provide solutions and manufacture metallic structures for electrical power transmission lines and telecommunications.

Extend metallic structure lifetime through galvanization.


Become reference in metallic structure solutions in Brazil until 2020.


  • Work commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Proactivity
  • Team work
  • Quality


Preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. For this reason, we must have behavior and attitude for preserving and conservating our planet. These attitudes should start in our work space (keeping it clean and organized), our home, our neighborhood, our city… With our collaboration, the whole planet is benefited.

GSL Metalúrgica, with its environmental responsibility vision and careful with life quality of its employees, society and environment, meet the legal requirements being, therefore, licensed by FEAM – State Foundation for the Environment (Fundação Estadual do Meio Ambiente), organ of the Government of Minas Gerais state. FEAM is responsible for supervising environmental issues, for industrial activities.

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